Tny is a little console. You know, these things with a screen and a controller where you play games? Right, so it's that, but very basic. In fact, it's so basic that the size of its screen is only 16 by 16 pixels, its controller only has arrow keys and two buttons and its game cartridge memory is 256 bytes maximum. Oh and it doesn't have any sound or color.

So what's the point, you may ask?

It makes writing games in machine code easier, and hopefully more fun too! Of course, your games will be quite, uh, limited. But hey, it's ok. There are other systems (such as uxn, from which tny takes most of its inspiration) that let you do advanced things.

With such a limited instruction set and requirements, writing Tny emulators and assemblers is relatively simple, meaning it can get ported to many systems. Making it a fun learning project if you are interested to know more about lower level programming.